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Learn How to Overcome Women's Libido Disorders

One of the libido disorders that can be experienced by women is hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). This condition is a sexual dysfunction in women characterized by reduced desire to engage in sexual activity. This libido disorder can interfere with the harmony of relationships with your partner, so you need to know how to overcome them. Decreased female libido (sexual arousal) is a problem that often occurs, especially in several phases of life. This condition can be caused by several factors, such as problems with a partner, fatigue, pregnancy, menopause, stress, depression, or certain diseases. Tips for Overcoming Women's Libido Disorders Every woman has a different libido and can change. But if your libido decreases and this complaint occurs protracted, has disrupted relationships with your partner, and makes you depressed, this is a sign that you may experience a libido disorder. If you experience decreased libido, here are ways you can do to restore sexual arousa
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The Right Way to Use Nebulizer in Children

Children who have certain respiratory disorders will often need inhaled medication. One way to give this inhaler is to use a nebulizer. So that these drugs can work well, first know how to use a nebulizer in children properly. Nebulizer is a tool that functions to convert drug liquid into steam so that it can be inhaled easily and comfortably. The drug that has been converted into steam will more easily enter and be absorbed through the respiratory tract and lungs. Some types of drugs that are often given through a nebulizer are bronchodilators to widen the airway, corticosteroids to relieve inflammation, and sputum thinners. Giving drugs through a nebulizer is useful for treating respiratory swelling, shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing caused by certain diseases, such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Nebulizer consists of an air compressor, a small container to hold liquid medicine, a hose that connects the air compressor to the medicine container, and a

Watching the Eyes of a Narrow That Can Be Symptoms of Harmful Diseases

Narrow eyes are a common physical feature that can be used to distinguish one person from another. But who would have thought, it turns out slanted eyes or small greedy could be one indicator of the possibility of certain diseases or medical conditions. The shape of a person's eyes is determined by the upper and lower eyelids. The angle of the eye close to the nose can be covered by the skin of the upper eyelid. This skin that closes is called the epicanth fold. This fold makes the eyes look more narrow. This is normal in people of Asian descent. Various Causes of Narrow Eyes However, in some cases, slanted eyes can be an indication of certain medical conditions. The following are some conditions or diseases that can cause slanted eyes: Down syndrome Down's syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by physical abnormalities and delayed body growth. Narrow eyes, small mouth with protruding tongue, flat back of the head, only one stroke on the palm of the hand, and